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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 4, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, investigators calling a fire at this montgomery county home suspicio suspicious. the house belongs to a police officer. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we brought you the story as breaking news earlier this morning. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the scene where the investigators there have been looking for clues. what can you tell us? >> reporter: just moments ago the residents of the house, a police officer, his wife and two children, arrived here. they had been vacationing in florida. police kept us at a distance to give them some privacy. >> we have a house that has been
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destroyed. it's a home by a police officer. we're doing an investigation to see what happened to this gentleman's house. >> reporter: this is what the fire marshal saw when he arrived here early this morning. he says firefighters were called just before 2:30. when they got here, flames had engulfed the are structure prompting a two alarm status. we watched as fire marshals arrived tosomen the gutted home. they tell us because they don't know the exact cause, it's suspicious and everything will be checked. >> christmas lights, trees, wiring in the house, ac, dc, whatever we got to look at. it will be checked out individually. one step at a time to make sure we have it corrected or not corrected. good or bad. >> reporter: were the christmas lights on? >> yes, on a timer. >> reporter: investigators tell us, as you see them on the scene going inside, to sift through the rubble, it could be several hours, if not days before the
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exact cause is determined. the fire department, police department as well as relatives of the victims have asked that we not reveal their names. we are abiding by that. we will be on top of the investigation. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a gas leak caused a house to explode in lackawanna county this morning. you can see firefighters had to deal with heavy flames after the explosion in dunmore. this happened around 3:45 a.m. police say there are injuries but haven't said how serious they may be. investigators also say the gas leak may have been caused by a water main break that happened a couple of hours earlier. investigators reconstructing what happened at the scene of a deadly accident in chester county. a car struck and killed a construction worker on the job. it happened on route 422 near route 100 just outside of pottstown. the victim was the project
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superintendent. they say he was setting up cones for a line painting job when he was hit by the car. police tell us the car did stop. the driver offering to help. they closed route 422 for several hours. it's now back open. this morning police are looking for the person who opened fire on a driver in northeast philadelphia. this happened just before 1:00 this morning. police say the shooter fired at least seven shots from a semiautomatic weapon. the victim, a 41-year-old man, was hit three times. he managed to drive about a half a block and then he parked. that's where police found him. he's in stable condition right now. sun and clouds on tap today as we look outside at philadelphia's boathouse row. enjoy the dry weather while it lasts. that's not good news, perhaps. brittney shipp here with the forecast. >> that's right. we are going to enter into a rainy stretch.
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it's today safe. tomorrow is on the safe side. as we head into tomorrow night, we are going to see the return of rainfall. clear and cold for us today as we push into sunday. we are tracking strong wind speeds. if you have tickets to it the eagles game, you will probably be affected. 32 in the poconos. 41 in philadelphia. low 40s in wilmington. 40 in atlantic city. a look at the radar shot. we will see the wind direction shifting out of the northwest. that's cooler air that's coming in. our temperatures will drop down more as we head into tomorrow. expect to warm into the low 40s tomorrow. as far as today is concerned, as we head into the rest of your afternoon, by noon, 42. by 4:00, 43. our high today closer to 46. by 9:00 p.m. as you are heading out, 37 and cold. keep that in mind as you are making plans for this evening. our average for this time of year is 49. again, we're going to drop down as we head into the end of your workweek. i'm tracking how much rain we
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will see, when it will start, when it will stop and how it will affect your weekend. that's in my seven-day forecast. new information about the army uniform controversy that we first told you about this week. you may remember an army veteran accused this man of stolen valor while shopping. he said he noticed something wrong with the military uniform and confronted him while recording the whole thing on his cell phone. we want to be clear, he has not been charged with a crime in this case. we have learned that he was charged with impersonating a dead philadelphia police officer about a decade ago. bucks county court records reveal he pled guilty in may 2003 to impersonating a public servant. that officer was a philly cop who died in the line of duty ten years before that. he was fined several hundred dollars for the crime and for operating a vehicle while his driving privileges were revoked. again, it's important to note he has not been charged with stolen valor.
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reactions range from anger to condemnation as people took to the streets of new york and other cities protesting -- to protest a grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man. new york city police arrested 60 people. the july incident was captured on video. >> i can't breathe. >> that's eric garner yelling, i can't breathe. the same video showed him refusing to be handcuffed. an officer responded by cutting garner in an apparent chokehold which is banned under nypd policy. garner died minutes later. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. last night garner's wife and mother spoke out against the grand jury's decision. >> a cop did wrong. somebody that get paid to do right did wrong and he's not held accountable for it. >> how could we put our trust in
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the justice system when they fail us like this? didn't only fail me. they failed many of us. >> the justice department says it will proceed with a civil rights investigation. >> all lives must be valued. all lives. mr. garner's dj eath is one of several recent incidents that have tested the sense of trust that must exist between law enforcement and the communities they are charged to serve and to protect. >> holder announced he will hold regional round table meetings in six cities, including philadelphia. the justice department says the round tables will bring law enforcement and community members together. president obama says the decision in the garner case underscores the need to strength the trust and accountability between those two groups. here at home the ruling reignited protesters who spent
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several days demonstrating against the decision in ferguson. those protests impacted philadelphia's annual christmas tree lighting celebration last night. a crowd of several hundred chanted during the celebration. the protesters marched through center city causing traffic jams during rush hour. the protesters said the message was more important than the holiday. >> when something as bad as this is happening, we need to stop and take a moment and leave space for honoring the injustice. >> the protest lasted four hours continuing under after the official tree lighting had ended. one person was taken into custody. someone who tried to climb over the barricades protecting the city christmas tree. happening now, several of the nation's leading civil rights organizations are responding to the incidents in ferguson and new york city. a live look from their news
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conference. it's about to begin at any moment. the national urban league, national action network, naacp and national coalition on black civil -- civic participation are discussing the use of force by police officers. happening today, fast food workers in philadelphia and across the country are walking off the job. nbc 10 in center city earlier this morning as those workers got together for a strike line and a speak out. airport employees and home care professionals are joining in the protest. those workers are fighting for a $15 minimum wage. at noon, they will be at broad and arch for a march and rally. demonstrations are planned in more than 160 cities in the u.s. happening today, a convicted cop killer on pennsylvania's death row is scheduled to be executed. the case involves the bucks county murder of a police officer brian greg back in 2005.
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robert floor pleaded guilty to shooting him. he grabbed another officer's gun while having his blood tested during a dui arrest. floor wounded that second officer and an e.r. technician. we could learn new information in the jersey jam bridge scandal. a committee will receive a new report about the investigation into the traffic jams on the george washington bridge that happened in september of last year. democrats are behind the investigation. governor chris christie calls the probe politically motivated. the report is expected to be made public next week. governor christy ttie is i canada to talk energy. he will meet with city and business leaders in calgary and toronto. he will focus on strengthening energy production. if he decides to run for president in 2016, analysts believe energy production will be the center of his campaign.
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happening this evening, philadelphia mayor michael nutter will be honored in washington, d.c. a magazine will give him a 2014 public official of the year award. the staff says nutter is being honored for his work in creating a cleaner, safer and fiscally sound city. day eight of the search for shane montgomery. no sign of the west chester university student. >> there's no way he just walked away and left me and kevin and my family worried about him. >> the plea for any information leading to their son that's gone nationwide. failure to launch. why nasa scrubbed today's mission of his spacecraft. sunny but cold for us today. a return of rain. will let you know how that will affect your weekend coming up np in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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happened to the 21-year-old. his parents appeared on "today" this morning. his mom says it's unlike him to not contact them. >> every time he went out, if he wasn't home or got locked out, he would text me. i use my phone as my alarm. i would come down and let him in. there's no way he just walked away. and left me and kevin and my family worried about him. >> right now there's a $31,000 reward for information that helps find shane. house republicans are preparing to pass a bill that would declare president obama's executive action on immigration null and void. even supporters say the bill is mostly meant to send a message since it stands little chance in the senate. it would set the stage for a showdown to keep the government running past next week when a fund measure expires. they want language in that bill that would block obama's executive order which deferred deportation and grants work
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permits to millions of undocumented people. three new accusers came forward with accusations against bill cosby. the attorney who brought the stories to light say it's time for the comedian to come clean and resolve the cases in court. kate snow has the story. >> i want people to know that i had an encount we are bill cosby in the summer of 1973. >> reporter: the three women who joined gloria allred wednesday sobbed as they told their stories. helen said she just met him at a tennis tournament when it happened. >> he approached me from behind and reached over my shoulder and grab mid right breast. >> reporter: beth said she had ended an affair with cosby in the early '80s when he drugged her. >> after i drank it, i felt dizzy and lost consciousness. the next thing i knew, hours had
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passed. i woke up in the back of my car alone, my clothes were a mess, my bra was undone. >> reporter: a woman using the name sholan claimed cosby assaulted her in 1986 when she was 17. >> i could not open my eyes. i couldn't move or say anything. >> reporter: this week judy huth filed a suit alleging she was assaulted when she was a teen. legal experts say most of the more than 20 accusers who have gone public don't really have the option to sue. >> for most civil cases, there is going to be a statute of limitations. the conduct occurred many years ago. >> reporter: allred called on cosby to create a fund and let someone decide if they deserve a payout. >> then will cosby and his accusers would have an opportunity go before a judge and a jury and everybody wins. >> reporter: a clever move but
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highly unlikely to go anywhere. >> no one would want to open themself up to these allegations in a court of law. >> that was nbc's kate snow reporting. good news for the u.s. economy in the middle of the holiday season. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits went down in the past week. the u.s. labor department says 297,000 people filed for unemployment. the jobless rate stayed under 300,000 for 11 of the past 12 weeks. the lower level suggests employers are optimistic, keeping more people on payroll and possibly looking to boost hiring. 2014 has been the strongest year for hiring since 1999. more testing for the ebola virus at a u.s. hospital this morning. an american healthcare worker is in isolation at emory university hospital because of possible ebola exposure. doctors flew the worker on a jet from west africa to the georgia hospital this morning. emory houses a specialized
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isolation unit that handled four of the ten ebola patients treated here in the u.s. nasa will try to launch its spacecraft tomorrow morning. it was supposed to happen this morning but it was delayed. first a stray boat entered the launch zone just before it was supposed to head into space around 7:05 this morning. then excessive wind halted the launch twice. it was called off due to valve trouble on the unmanned rocket. it's designed to carry a crew to an asteroid and eventually to mars and its moons. there's talk of another possible mission to earth's moon. good morning. as we head into the rest of the afternoon, we expect to see temperatures pushing into the mid 40s. here is a closer look outside right now at boathouse row. we will see an increase in our
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cloudy skies. our first weather headline is cold temperatures staying below average and then we are also going to see a return of weekend rain. that's going to linger into next week. windy conditions are expected as we head into sunday. as we take a live look at boathouse row, see the flags are moving. the wind direction will shift. right in our it's out of the west but eventually it will be out of the northwest. that's going to bring colder air into the region. 41 right now, sunshine is out for philadelphia. across the rest of the region temperaturewise in the 30s in reading. the sun is out. 40 in atlantic city. we are seeing the clouds in the fi philadelphia area. 40 in mount holly. 39 in quakertown. temperatures in the low 40s in wilmington. we are at 39 degrees in dover. our 24-hour temperature change map shows the most dramatic dinks are mainly close to the shore. down eight in atlantic city. it's eight degrees colder in
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dover. our radar shot shows us we are seeing an increase in our clouds as we head into the rest of the afternoon. right now, a mix of sun and clouds, then colder air will move in from the northwest. it will wrap around high pressure that's off to the west of us. then we track our next weather to find its way from the midwest. by 6:00 friday, that's when we will see our chance of light rain. it will continue throughout most of your friday night heading into your saturday another round as we head into saturday evening and a chance of showers as we push into sunday. plus our wind speeds are going to pick up sunday. wind gusts closer to 20, 25 miles per hour. that's going to make for an uncomfortable day. our average for this time of year, 49 degrees. today, a little bit below that at 46. if you look at friday, dropping down to 42 with that cold air making its way in. today's forecast, below average, between 44 and 47 degrees. we are going to see sunshine but then more clouds heading into
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our overnight hours. as our clouds increase, they will stay as we head into friday. the rain will push in friday evening. 42 our high as we head into friday. look at saturday, we expect to see rainfall. temperatures at 49 degrees. and then on sunday, our temperatures drop. but it will feel colder than that because we are going to see wind speeds kicking up as well. if you plan on heading out to the eagles game, bring a thick coat because we are going to see our temperatures at 43 by 4:25. by the fourth quarter, down to 39 with a chance of rain. more proof to those who say you are what you eat. researchers are saying, changing your diet could actually alter your dna. ♪ rolling out the welcome mat for the season to the soon to be super star from our area.
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matt mcandrew made it to the top five of "the voice" this week. we will tell you how you can see him in concert for free tonight.
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government health officials warn your flu shot may not be as effective as it could be again of the most common flu strain that's out there this season. the centers for disease control is advising doctors that the most common flu strain this year
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has mutated. the vaccine may not be a good match against it. the cdc says flu shots offer some protection against that strain and other strains of the virus. we have heard how aed me e ter mediterranean diet can improve your health. they found people who eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, owe live oil and fish have longer caps on the end of the chromosomes. those are linked to how long you will live. a christmas grinch caught on camera. see this story so you can protect yourself. exciting news for james bond fans. we have details on the newest fill in the popular series.
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it is 11:30 this december morning. check out our top stories right now. investigators calling an early morning fire at a montgomery county home suspicioususpicious. the fire started just before 2:30 this morning. the house was completely destroyed. officials say the house belongs to a police officer. investigators are reconstructing what happened at the scene of a deadly accident. a car struck and killed a construction worker on the job late last night along route 422. police tell us the car did stop with the driver offering to help. new information about the army uniform controversy we told you about earlier this week. an army veteran accused this man of stolen valor while shopping. we have learned the man was charged with impersonating a
11:31 am
dead philadelphia police officer about a decade ago. we want to be clear, he has not been charged with stolen valor. here is some welcome sight, some sun. nbc 10 found some of these folks walking near 20th avenue. you probably don't want to put the umbrella too deep into your closet. brittney shipp is here to tell us why. >> that's right. the rain is will make a come back. it will stay for a while. a live look outside. it does look like a nice day. it will be cold when you step outside. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 41 with a few clouds in philadelphia. wind out of the west at eight miles per hour. the rest of the region, 40 in atlantic city. 41 in trenton. 32 mount pocono. 39 quakertown. in the low 40s in wilmington.
11:32 am
a closer look at the clouds which will increase overnight tonight heading into tomorrow. today, our temperatures will range between 44 and 47 degrees. we will see more sunshine, then switching over to cloudy skies. we are staying cold and below average. then i'm tracking the return of rain for your weekend. the details on that in your seven-day forecast. protesters took to the streets to voice their opinion on a decision not to indict the new york city police officer who put a man in a chokehold. the medical examiner says that contributed to the man's death. >> reporter: throughout new york city, a new cry from protesters. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: eric garner's last words as he was forced on to the ground by police for allegedly selling loose, untaxed cigarettes this past summer. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide caused by a chokehold,
11:33 am
a move banned by nypd policy. reaction to the grand jury's decision to not indict the officer came quickly. staged at many of the city's major landmarks, including a die lf die-in at grand central station. the new york's mayor canceled his appearance at the christmas tree lighting to meet with clergy and officials. >> our history requires us to say that black lives matter. >> reporter: the officer released a statement reading, it was never my intention to harm anyone. i feel very bad about the death of mr. garner. according to garner's family, words far too little and too late. >> he should be here celebrating christmas and thanksgiving and everything else with his children and his grandchildren. and he can't. why? because a cop did wrong. somebody that get paid to do
11:34 am
right did wrong. and he's not held accountable for it. >> reporter: now the case moves to the federal level with the u.s. attorney general promising a new investigation into garner's death. nbc news. minutes ago, several of the nation's leading civil rights organizations began a news conference on the incidents in ferguson and in new york city. this is a live look from new york. of course, that's reverent al sha sharpton at the podium. they are discussing the use of force by police officers. the reverend sharpton announced a march and a demonstration to be held next saturday in washington, d.c. in response to the incidents in ferguson, missouri, and in new york. yemen's al qaeda is threatening to kill an american
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hostage. a new video released shows 33-year-old photo journalist luke somers. he was kidnapped in september of 2013. in a video, somers says his life is in danger. they gave the u.s. three days to meet the demands or they say somers will meet his "inevitable fate." they don't specify what the demands are in the video. new developments this morning in the ray rice scandal. the ravers deny his wife's claim that the team convinced her to apologize during a tv interview in may. she said the ravens suggested she apologize for her involvement in the couple's domestic violence incident. the ravens say it's not true. they gave ray rice talking points which he accepted. when asked if his wife wanted coaching, rice said, she's good. she knows what to say. so far, neither ray or janay
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have commented on the ravens' statement. a connecticut town where the sandy hook school shootings took place owns the house where the gunman murdered his mother. this is where he lived with his mother before the killings in 2012. the bank that owned home deeded it to the town. last night the town council voted to accept ownership. some have suggested it be turned into a park or a nature preserve. wind gusts and a sticky valve forced the nasa launch team to call off today's attempt to send orion into space. >> the launch has been put on hold for at least one more day. >> we are extending the hold at this time. >> first it was a boat that drifted into the launch zone. then ground winds just above the threshold for liftoff. then a pressure issue that ultimately canceled today's
11:37 am
launch. >> we are scabbed for today. proceed into operation 80, scrub detank operations. >> the wind opens friday morning. when orion does leave the launch pad, it will make two laps around the earth, 15 times higher than the international space station. then rushing back as it re-enters the atmosphere slowing down to less than 20 miles an hour before splashing down in the pacific ocean. for now, orion and the promise of deep space travel remains idle on pad 37. jay gray, nbc news, kennedy space center. pleaolice are looking for a thief. this happened within just minutes. a delivery man dropped the package and the home and then this happened.
11:38 am
the thief grabbed it and walked off. it was a sit and spin purchased for a 1-year-old. >> the way he walked back and forth in front of the house, it's clear he is looking to see if anybody is out and about. >> came through with a full refund. if you happen to recognize the suspect, call police. we asked fed what you can do to protect purchases. send it directly to work, your home or a neighbor. request a signature. leave the driver a note on the door with instructions like leave package in shed or garage. at u.p.s. send up for mtext message alerts. fedex will hold it until you can sign for it. officers from the transit agency will be talking with passengers about some of the dangers on the rails like ignoring railroad signals and
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cutting across train tracks. more than 500 passengers use the station each day. in the lehigh valley experts will be on hand for an informational reading on radon after record high levels of the gas turned up in a home. dep and eepa will be at the meeting. it will be held between 4:00 this afternoon and 8:00 tonight at the upper saucon township municipal building in center valley. people can learn about radon and how to protect themselves from the potentially dangerous gas. the dep says a home in center valley recorded the highest radon level measures sasured in pennsylvania. health officials will hold a vaccination clinic following a hepatitis scare. a worker is in the hospital with hepatitis a. people may have been exposed to the virus between november 10 and december 1, which is this past monday. if you ate at rosa's, get
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vaccinated today from 2:00 to 8:00 at the colonial volunteer fire company. the vaccine does cost $35 per person. if you are looking to book a trip over the holidays, now is the time to do it. the travel site kayak says the first week of december is the best time to book. if you wait, you will probably pay more. kayak says prices could go up after this week by around 36%. happening today in washington, the first family will light the national christmas tree. this is video from last year. tom hanks and his wife will host tonight's event. steve miller, patty la bell and other severals are others are expected to perform. the christmas tree at rockefeller center is now glowing with lights. >> three, two, one. 45,000 led bulbs came to light
11:41 am
as millions watched on tv last night. the spruce comes from central pennsylvania. the celebration included big names in music. the tree will stay lit until january 7. it will be must see tv tonight on nbc 10. the live version of peter pan will fly across your television screen. allison williams will star in the title role. she's the daughter of brian williams. christopher walken will play captain hook. it comes your pay tonight at 8:00 tonight on nbc 10. we know the title of the next james bond film. the director announced it wim bow called "spectre." he unveiled the new car made for the film. the cast was on stage. it hits theaters next november.
11:42 am
can handily wait. speaking of must see tv, you won't want to miss this. matt mcandrew made it to the top five of "the voice" this week. he is live with us. will talk to him about the homecoming trip he has and what it's like being on team adam and how you can win a trip to see him in action in l.a. that's straight ahead. i'm tracking a mix of sun and clouds. we are going to see the return of rain. it's going to stick around for a few days. will let you know what to expect in my seven-day forecast.
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♪ for a good reason, a lot of people are calling him the man to beat on season seven of the nbc hit show "the voice." his rendition this week was haunting. scored him a spot in the top five. in true philadelphia fashion, matt mcandrew has gone from strugglie ining singer to the national spotlight. he is here with us. part of the hometown visit for "the voice." great to have you here. you are a jersey guy but you studied in philadelphia. it's interesting. i read your mother -- you got a
11:46 am
guitar when you were 12. she didn't know you could play or sing until you were in high school. >> right. it was a secret passion of mine. i started playing guitar, writing songs. then it evolved into me saying, there's nobody to sing, maybe i should step up. >> did you ever dream it would come to this? >> yeah. you know, probably ever since i was 16 or 17, i've always wanted to be bigger than -- bigger than big. it was more like a private ambition of mine. >> you went to the university of the arts. you have been an instructor at bach to rock music school in wayne. talk about what it's been like to be home for the couple of days that you have been here and the support you have gotten? >> it's great. it's cold for one. >> out in l.a. injoying the sun. >> i was thinking l.a. was cold but i was wrong. this is actually winter. craziness. it's great.
11:47 am
just i've been here for a second but there's an overwell manying amount of support. seeing my family and friends. >> your mom and sister have been supportive. you haven't had a chance to go home to see them. right? this has been a whirlwind trip for you. >> business. but it's also good. we're doing the show later today. i'm hoping to see everybody. >> we will talk about the show in a second. tell me what adam is like. he has been incredibly successful. he has a great track record. tell us something you learned about adam that you didn't know going into the show. >> just something fun about him. he is really good at impressions. >> really? >> he does really spot on impressions of other famous singers. we were at rehearsal when we did the group number. went on a minute long michael jackson impression that was spot on. he is a really talented guy. >> he has done the bit with
11:48 am
jimmy fallon. they go back and forth. just amazing. i understand that you worked at trader joe's. you would work -- you started 5:00 a.m., but you could come home from gigs at 2:00 al and a couple hours of sleep and go to work. >> yeah. it was busy. at the same time, i was finishing up my record i was putting out myself. i was busy. that was an interesting time for me after i graduated just trying to hustle and make ends meet. but still chasing the music dream. >> for a while you couldn't tell anybody what you were doing out in l.a. or that you were in l.a. >> totally. >> was your manager at trader joe's -- did you call in sick? tell him your grandmother is in town? >> just for my boss, my head boss, they knew what was going on. nobody else did. i had to take a leave of absence when i went out to do the blinds. it was a strange period for me.
11:49 am
when i wasn't in l.a., i was kind of a shut-in when i was back at home. i didn't want to talk to anybody because i didn't have anything to say. if they were to ask me if i was working i was like, no. are you doing music, no. making me seem like i was a bum. >> you are no bum now. you are tattoos up. you are showing me one that's a box. i don't know if we can show it on tv. tell us how significant this is. hold it up. maybe we can -- tell us about what this box means and what will happen if good things happen on the show. >> this is the first tattoo i got. what it is it's a little empty check box. my goal in life has been to get signed to a record label. you know what i mean? >> a bucket list? >> yeah. totally. it's cool that the fans on twitter have been embracing it. there's a new hash tag. >> if you win this thing, which we expect you will, you will put a check mark in the box?
11:50 am
>> totally. you got it. >> catch matt mcandrew live in concert tonight at exfinty live in south philadelphia. the show starts at 6:30. matt will perform a new songs and take part in the question and answer session in the audience. you can vote on the songs he will play by coming to our website at and then the fans who attend tonight can enter to win a trip to see "the voice" in los angeles. they can see you perform out there. best of all, the show is free. get all of the details on our website at matt mcandrew, we are so proud of you. this area will be crazy for you. >> hope so. >> when you win, you will come back and do our show again. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> wish you the best. >> thank you. appreciate it. as we head into the rest of the afternoon, we will see a mix
11:51 am
of sun and clouds. we dried out today. we will see another round of rain as early as tomorrow evening. cold temperatures, weekend rain and windy on sunday. our temperatures are dropping sunday. it will feel colder with the wind speeds. a live look outside. it's a nice day, although on the cold side. 41 degrees for philadelphia. wind speeds out of the west at eight miles per hour. freezing in the poconos, slow to warm up today. temperatures in pottstown at 40. 41 in millville. 39 in dover. 42 currently in wilmington. radar shows we are seeing clouds moving in from the west. the wind speeds will shift out of the northwest of the that will bring colder air in. expect temperatures to drop down into the 40s. then a system comes out of the midwest by friday at 7:00 p.m. light rainfall throughout most
11:52 am
of the area. it will continue into the overnight hours. another round pushing into saturday evening. starting to clear up saturday late night. by sunday, a slight chance of showers. it has gone down throughout the morning. right now it's mostly cloudy with strong winds. stick with us. we will update the sunday forecast for you. 49 degrees. that's our average for this time of year. below average today, only a high of 46. then look at friday, 42 degrees. our average -- i should say our range for today, between 44 and 47 degrees. sun to clouds and cold. we will see more sunshine during the afternoon. as we push into the evening and overnight tonight, our clouds will continue to increase giving way to cloudy skies on friday with rainfall moving in as we head into friday night. temperatures drop down overnight into the mid 30s. by saturday, it's going to be a chilly day with rain expected on and off throughout the day. sunday, a chance of rain and then temperatures at 43 degrees. it's going to feel colder than
11:53 am
that with the rain and also the wind speeds picking up. we maintain a chance of rain as we head into your monday. temperatures at 39 degrees. and then i know a lot of people are going to head out for the sunday's eagle's game. we will see temperatures closer to the 40s by the fourth quarter. by 4:25, expect 43 degrees. by the fourth quarter, 39 with a chance of rain and windy conditions. we are talking wind gusts up to 20, 25 miles per hour. the rest of your seven-day forecast shows by tuesday, 42, 38 heads into wednesday.
11:54 am
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, it's "ellen" 12 days of give aways. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. front seat fears. why local car owners looking for a fix may be running into a dead end. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. brittney shipp here to look at your afternoon forecast. >> a cold day, at least the super is out. we will see a mix of sun and clouds. today's temperatures warming into the mid 40s. colder tomorrow. then we track rain as soon as tomorrow night into the weekend. >> sunday, of course, the big
11:57 am
game. >> chance of showers right now. our chances are there. >> thanks for watching nbc 10.
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>> aiden: oh... my goodness. >> hope: hold on a second. here you go. >> aiden: oh, thank you so much. >> hope: you are welcome. >> aiden: there's a reason i'm not on the decorating committee. >> hope: i was on the decorating committee last year, you should be grateful. >> aiden: i am grateful, in fact it feels good to give back. >> hope: yes, it does. >> aiden: it does. >> hope: yeah. >> aiden: mm-hmm. >> hope: hmm, okay. >> chase: ciara got of coming because she's one of the three kings in the christmas pageant. >> owen: i thought you were in that too. >> chase: they wanted me to play a donkey so i quit. >> aiden: well if you don't want to be a donkey, quit your braying. >> chase: huh? >> aiden: all right, fellas, come on, i'm gonna need your muscles, let's see who can carry the most food back from the car, okay? come on.


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